MyRole Web Portal


A web portal focusing on crowdsourcing, to create a career inforamtion database.


Working with a UX mockup, branding, and design concept that were not made by me, I initially offered a different approach to the home page design, focusing more on the search box and less on category design. The thought behind this suggestion came from a few considerations:
  1. Accumulating data which will ultimately make the search functionality more important in the future
  2. Spending-wise - Not having to relay on design for every new category that will arise in the future
  3. Saving users from feelings of stigmatization
With this in mind, I offered two extra designs based more on general iconization and centrelizing the search box. At the end, the client chose to continue with her initial idea, and I made sure to provide her with the best realization of her vision.

Mockup to Design

The UX mockup I recieve and had to work by was not very detailed to say the least... I had to figure out with my client what was the purpose of the different widgets she wanted to include, and think of a creative, functional way to include those in the design (which in the end will have to function as a website).
And so, the sub-category page, which demonstrates the data available for every profession was created, and included:
  1. A career progression graph, featuring future possible positions according to estimated number of years
  2. Higher educational institues offering training for this profession
  3. A tab-based, color-coded work journal in which users can see the types of work this job intails
  4. A color-coded pie chart displaying these types of work in a percentage based presentation
  5. Two sets of progress bars to show average salary and competition measured by different job listings scales
  6. A ranking widget for different job criterias
  7. A comments section

Mockup given to me by the client

My Design

Replacing Category Page With Inline solution

The client's initial idea was to create a category page for each category, displaying an images grid that will function as a menu for the sub-categories pages. Figuring this will make for a more combersome user experience and will again require purchasing new images for each new sub-category in the future, I offered a different approach, with a dropdown menu that will open inline. My suggestion came of course with an animated demonstration, and was accepted by the client.


Custom-made illustrations to the client's requests

Category Icons