StepApp Mobile App


A site-seeing app for joggers, created for the Adobe XD Icon Competition.


My submission for the Adobe XD icon contest, which asked for a design of a city exporation app with added value, using one set of icons out of 3 possible given sets.

StepApp is made for people who enjoy taking walks or jogging, and would also like some more details on where they're going.

Interactive interface for defining a step's size

The experience strats with the user defining their step size by height and speed in an animated interface (to be honest, this can probably be done using the device's GPS and other functionalities, but for this i just wanted to create an interesting UI concept).

More UX features

With accordance to relevant persona's user behavior, as seen on social media, I decided to add a social aspect to the product, offering users to celebrate their achievements along the way, and share them on social media.


For this project i had to use one of three chosen icon sets, give by the Adobe team. I chose the set that inspired me, and created additional icons to match it as needed.

Chosen icon set

My Added icons