Ubasti Collection Ecommerce Website


Creating an elegant design for this brand in order to expend its reach to different types of clientelle, whists still preserving its unique, nature and geometry inspired character.

Custom Quotation Form

Since this brand focuses on custom-made clothing, it was imperative to create a quotation form to allow users to design their chosen items according to their personal measurements.

My designed quotation form offered the ability to choose a standard size or fill in custom measurements.
Each standard size displayed a chart next to it, explaining the different measurements for this size, to allow the user full understanding of what this size represents.

The custom size option enabled the different measurements inputs needed to be filled by the user, and each measuerement input had a tooltip with illustrated and written insructions on how to measure it.

The form also offered the user extra features that they could add for an extra fee, which will be controled by the website's manager, and also the ability to add a picture of themselves to give a more accurate idea of their body type for a better fit.

For mobile compatability, the form was divided to a 3-step wizard, in order to avoid over-scrolling.

Photographs Retouched



Iconography and Illustrations

Custom-made icons and illustrations, based on the brand's unique style

Measurements guides

Extra Features Icons

Sleeves Icons