I combine research and creativity to produce beautiful digital experiences.

Hey there, i'm Anat.
I'm a digital product designer, with a passion for research and UX optimization.

I have a BA in behavioral science from Bar Ilan University where I graduated with honors, a cerificate in UX design from "UX School" Israel, and lots of experience with different types of projects and clients.

My process always includes researching competitors, relevant technologies, users personas, design trends, and even marketing strategies, to ensure my designed products are competative in this fast paced industry.

My career in digital started in SEO, and continued in design, where I worked as an employee for marketing and online services companies, creating designs and also doing some front-end programming.

My freelance experience is where I got the chance to work on some really intersting projects, and design infographic interfaces, learning experiences, forms and some other goodies.

I am business oriented, and like to think of my job as a great combination of creativity and analysis, with which I bring maximum product value to my clients and their users.